Extra virgin olive oil ELGIRA 750ml.



This olive oil is virgin, meaning that it has been produced only with natural and mechanical procedures.

Acidity  ≤ 0.8% in oil acid per 100gr
Number of peroxides ≤ 20 translated to meq Ο2Κg oil
Constant K232 ≤ 2,50
Constant K270 ≤ 0,22
Constant ΔΚ  ≤ 0,01.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS : Median defect value = 0, Fruity > 0
The Median defect value is the median value of defect with the highest tension. The value of the robust coefficient of variation for this must be below or equal to 20%.
This olive oil is of high dietary significance, and it preserves all of antioxidant properties.


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