// Init STL
	var switchTheLook = switchTheLook || {modules:[]};
		// Required params
		products: ['productName'],
		container: '#myStlModule',
		// Optional params
		lang: null,			// Language of the module. Used for translations & for country specific params ( ac | au | bg | de | es | fr | hr | it | nl | nz | pl | rs | ru | si | tr | uk | us)
		width: 'auto',			// Width of the module ('auto' recommanded. Unless a maxWidth is provided, will use the parent element width.)
		maxWidth: 'none',		// Maximum width of the module ('none' recommanded)
		autoplay: false,		// Autoplay the video when it is ready (not always recommanded for UX)
		header: true,			// Display (true) or hide (false) the header
		menu: false,			// Display (true) or hide (false) the products menu (if true, also need 'header' to be set to true)
		shop: true,			// Display (true) or hide (false) the 'shop' module
		shoplabel: 'shop',		// Label for the shop button. 'shop' for 'Shop the Look' or 'get' for 'Get the Look')
		shopurl: 'shop',		// Action of the shop button. 'shop' will open the shop module. 'get', if available for the product, will open the product's page.
		shoptarget: null,		// Target of the shop button link. Can ben 'self' (open in STL's window/frame), 'blank' (open in a new tab), 'parent' (open in the current window/frame), or 'top' (open in the topmost window/frame)
		buybutton: true,		// Display (true) or hide (false) the 'buy' buttons in the 'shop' module.
		viewbutton: true,		// Display (true) or hide (false) the 'view' buttons in the 'shop' module (if available for the product).
	(function(d) {
		var stl = d.createElement('script'); stl.async = true;
		stl.src = (d.location.protocol === 'https:' ? 'https:' : 'http:') + '//switchthelook.com/public/js/sdk/stl-sdk.min.js';